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The all-in-one, creative platform for recipe developers helps
to create more recipes
in shorter amount of time.

Project Type:
Design challenge for HelloFresh
1 week sprint
My role:
UX researcher
UI designer
alongside with 5 other member of the team
Pen & Paper

Excited to present effects of 1 week sprint for HelloFresh internal software system. 

Practice is the best way to learn new skills and to adopt knowledge.

That is why I am very grateful for the opportunity of working on a project of real company HelloFresh which allowed me to test my knowledge and learnings, not only as aa designer but also as a member of the team. Interpersonal skills and the ability to work alongside with other team member are as much important as knowledge about design softwares. 

The problem & the research


Design challenge 

How can we help Recipe Developers create more recipes than what they create currently, without hiring in new resources ?

We have been given problem statement from the HelloFresh team who has asked us to create internal software system to help recipe creators works more efficiently .

Current process

HelloFresh team presented to us current process of creating new recipes by culinary team.

Process 1.png

Insights taken based on data from HelloFresh team.

Basic information given us by HelloFresh team wasn’t enough for us to successfully accomplish the challenge.

We wanted to dive deeper into the problem. Having a chance to interview one of HelloFresh team member, we have made following assumption which helped us to ask questions .

Desktop - 2 (1).png

Based on the interview, we were able to point out pain points of the current system of work

and set a goal for our solution.

Frame 1 (3).png
Desktop - 3.png

Pain points


The persona


Who exactly we design for?

For better understanding of who our user is, we have used gathered information to create a persona who represents member of the culinary team.

However, apart from understanding user pain points, motivations and goals, we wanted to get to know better the user himself. 

That is why we have asked more questions. We came out with couple of the most important insight about personality of HelloFresh chefs:

  • Recipe makers and the culinary team are creatives who love food.

  • They want to spend more time coming up with creative recipes and less time administering the process.

6_Our User.png

Design goal

Having wider understanding of the problem and the outline of possible solution, we have asked ourselves :

How might we empower recipe creators by streamlining the recipe creation process
so that they can be more efficient and creative?


We focus mainly on streamline the process; from receiving the brief to delivering the recipe.



Having in mind user's needs and the main goal, we have visualised it creating task flow. 

Journey of the user, culinary team member who after receiving the brief must create and deliver new recipe. 

image 9.png

Wire frames 

Working as a team. Compromise challenge.

Based on chosen task flow, we have created mid fi wireframes.

Starting the process of visual design from grey wire frames helps us to visualise and compare all of our ideas about final platform. At this stage, we faced huge challenge of team work. Everyone had his own vision and multiples ideas about features we could add to the platform. However, we had to compromise and chose the most effective. 

Home Page - 1.png
Briefing - 3.png
Inventory - 4.png
Frame 53.png
Briefing - 2.png
Inventory - 4.png
Inventory Wheel - 5.png

Visual components

Having wire frames ready, we have started a process of closing colours which match Hello Fresh brand. 

Desktop - 4 (1).png




Final prototype

Details ready. Time to join everything together and create final prototype.

Making the final prototype, we could not forget who we design for. The culinary team whom each member is creative, loving food and his work.

That is why we kept the platform in playful, fun style. Platform which does not look only like an administrative system but it's pleasant and easy to use.

inventory hi fi.png
Briefing - 6.png
Inventory Wheel - croissant sub.png

Next steps

  • Integrate feedback from the Hello Fresh recipe development team

  • Design the remainder of the workflow

  • Delete Google Sheets/Docs


I am very grateful for the opportunity of work on real company project and try my strength as a member of a team. I have learned a lot from this experience:

  • How to listen to other members of a team

  • Accept rejections of my own ideas

  • Compromise ideas by choosing the best solution

  • Maximise performance by working together

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