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It's a start

The mobile app helps people to find support groups. It is a product for those with mental health issues, difficult past
or those who just need to talk anonymously.

Project Type:
24h Hackathon for Google

collaboration with teams of
Data Analytics, Digital Marketers & Web Developers 
My role:

UX researcher
UI designer
alonside with 2 other designers
Pen & Paper

Problem Space.

To help increase access to, or accessibility of, health care services through the use of education
and digital solutions.

In a 4D (Data, Design, Development & Digital Marketing) team, we have been given 24h to find a solution for a challenge given by Google.

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The Data.

The Data Scientists team based on a huge file of data provided by Google pulled out the following concerning information:

  • suicide rates have been drastically increasing in Canada & the US since 2000

  • a high percentage of Americans have no insurance which means they are not able to access medical help for different mental health issues such as alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety, etc.

The whole team decided to focus on giving easier access to health care for those individuals so that they can get needed help and support and lower the suicide rate thanks to preventative measures.


The Solution.

We have executed research looking for forms of support that are already available. We decided to focus on supports groups which often offers help on a variety of problem by online meeting, live chats, or just live video events where others can listen to someone else’s experience.

We compared the journey of a person who recovers from the past difficult experiences to a marathon where the first and the hardest step is to start. That is why we called our product It's a start aiming to make the first step easier.


The Visual Design.

Colours & Typography 

As it was a collaboration with Google, we looked into their brand design for inspiration.

For the interface design, we matched the colours and typography with Google basic colour palette and font. However, to make the app more accessible and welcoming, we have used lighter colours to evoke a calm and muted atmosphere.


Icon & Wordmark

We played around with different fonts and icons to show the It’s A Start brand.

We really liked the connection between a play button and “starting” something, so we used it as our icon.

We further took inspiration from some Google app icons and kept it as a flat design but with a long shadow for depth.


The Wireframes.


The Final Design.

final design.png

The Prototype.


The Accessibility .

For it’s a start we wanted to keep accessibility our main focus, so we incorporated a captioning feature on all streams, a voice text & a text to voice option, and it will be a platform for a broad range of communities.

We also wanted to keep in mind the user’s privacy by allowing users to be anonymous with their username and unique avatar.

For the interface design, we wanted to incorporate the google brand but we modified the bold colours to more muted ones to evoke a calm and muted atmosphere.

Moving forward we want to ensure we hit AAA accessibility guidelines, as well as expand the functionality of the live chat, and translate the mobile design to a desktop interface.


The Next Steps.

  • hit AAA accessibility guidelines

  • building out the functionality of joining the conversation,

  • modifying your online identity

  • emergency chat & 1-on-1’s with specialists