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Who am I?

I am a User Experience Designer! 

I enjoy pleasing people by finding solutions for clunky and confusing websites/mobile apps. I get excited about designing simple and intuitive products.

As natural problem solver, I always look for opportunities to simplify daily tasks. As an over-thinker I always dive deep into the problem, asking the big "why" until

I get the correct answer.

UX design gives me the creative outlet to successfully

achieve all that.

My life outside of UX... what helps me to be a better designer.

The gym is my second home where I lift heavy (I mean heavyweights. This passion formed my characterpatience, and strength for achieving goals.

I found those skills extremely useful while working on UX projects.

Testing, learning from mistakes, redesigning, looking for solutions over and over again...

it requires perseverance which sport helps me to polish up.

My background. 

045-lifting-colour 2.png
I am a manager. I run a restaurant.

I work with people. I work to satisfy people.

I make sure everyone in my restaurant is happy.

I make sure that leaving my restaurant customers had the best experience and wanted to come back for it again.

My background in hospitality management had developed my character trait of meeting the expectations of others.


Let's work together. 

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